MIFF 2014 Critics Campus review: The Special Need

The Special Need, screening at MIFF 2014.Screens August 2, 14 MIFF 2014 digital programMore MIFF coverageFull movies coverage
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Sex is confusing, no matter who you are. It gets even trickier when you are a 29-year-old autistic man who has never been with a woman, but desperately wants to. After discovering that even assisting in the organisation of a sexual act is illegal in their home country of Italy, friends Carlotto (also the film’s director) and Alex decide to take their buddy Enea on an exploratory Eurotrip. Irritatingly, the film is for some reason doused in a sickly chlorine-green filter, which requires some adjusting to. That aside, there is some lovely camerawork and the filmmakers have gone to lengths to make their footage appear undeniably cinematic. Self-described as “docudrama”, it is unclear how much footage was taken on the fly and how much was constructed to assist storytelling. This is a minor caveat, though, as the film is a charming tribute to friendship and an interesting exploration of the murky ethics of trying to help someone who can’t quite communicate what they really want. It is welcome, too, to see a movie that doesn’t overly sensationalise disability; most of the time Enea, as he says himself, is having a “super duper mega good” time. There are no histrionics, no emotional disintegrations, the film just chugs along down buddy movie highway at a pleasantly pensive pace.About MIFF Critics Campusmiff南京夜网.au

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Top athletes talk sports and study at University of Newcastle Sports Awards

FORUM: Former Newcastle Knights player Mark Sargent is part of a forum at the University of Newcastle Sports Awards.
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UNIVERSITY life before and after a career in sports will be the focus of this year’s University of Newcastle Sports Awards.

Commonwealth Games athlete Sophie Stanwell, Paralympic champion Heath Francis, Winter Olympian Matt Graham and former Newcastle Knight Dr Mark Sargent will discuss their tips for juggling sport and studies while Brisbane-based radio presenter Gerry Collins keeps them on track.

However, the night’s main feature is the awards, which for more than 50 years have honoured students and administrators that have achieved greatness in their field.

Awards on the night include the prestigious University Blues and Colours, sport scholarships and Sports Club and Person of the Year.

Nominees for the Sportsperson of the Year 2014 are Knights forward Robbie Rochow, womens Jets star Tara Andrews, heptathlete Sophie Stanwell and hockey player Katie-Jane Kelly.

Previous winners include Olympian Justin Norris, Newcastle Jet Ben Kantarovski and Paralympics gold medalist Liesl Tesch.Open to the public, the awards will be held on Friday, August 29,at Newcastle City Hall.

Tickets cost $80 and include a three-course meal and drinks.

■ For more information go to

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MIFF 2014 Critics Campus review: School of Babel

Screens August 12, 16MIFF 2014 digital programMore MIFF coverageFull movies coverage
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For one year, Julie Bertuccelli (Since Otar Left, The Tree) fixed her lens on a Paris “reception” class where students from a diversity of nationalities learn French language and culture in order to better integrate into regular classes and society as a whole. What transpires in this room is a rebirth for these homesick kids, each with their own story, and a touching homage to the transformative power of education. School of Babel is an affecting documentary in which language is everything. It can wound and it can heal; it can be a bridge that draws us closer together. Teacher Brigitte understands this. She asks her students to write and say ‘hello’ in the language of their homeland, magnifying their differences and similarities – they all want to connect, to be understood and accepted. The classroom where they conjugate verbs and ask big questions is a place of inclusion, not exile, regardless of their mother tongue. Bertuccelli doesn’t question whether France truly opens her arms this warmly to all who seek asylum or a chance at a better life, but ultimately this doesn’t detract from the importance of her film: liberty, equality and fraternity are alive here. You may end up watching School of Babel with a smile on your face and tears in your eyes. The depth of its warmth and compassion can’t be denied.About MIFF Critics Campusmiff南京夜网.au

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Printmaking evolving

Winner of the 2013 Burnie Print Prize Susanna Castleden.THE 2015 Burnie Print Prize will increase to $15,000, making it the equal-first richest print art prize in Australia, alongside the Fremantle Print Prize.
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Entries are now open for the biannual competition, which is in its sixth year.

The boost in prize money was thanks to the fund-raising work of Friends of Burnie Regional Art Gallery, and a contribution from the gallery itself.

Burnie Regional Art Gallery director Geoff Dobson said the prize was doing wonderful things for the North-West region.

“This corner of Tasmania has a strong arts community, and there are a lot of opportunities for artists on the North-West Coast,” Mr Dobson said.

“It’s a wonderful thing for Burnie. Printing has a relationship with paper, which links into Burnie’s past.”

Mr Dobson said the standard of work had grown over the years.

“Printmaking continues to evolve nationally and we have been getting very interesting work through, exploring new and interesting techniques,” he said.

The 2013 winner, a printed map folded into the shape of the world by Susanna Castleden, of Fremantle, was a good example of the creativity coming through.

“The process of printing is still there, but they re-contextualised it,” Mr Dobson said.

The gallery finds new judges each time, and Mr Dobson said the 2015 judges were sure to impress.

“Jason Smith, director of the Heide Museum of Modern Art in Melbourne, will be judging. He’s highly regarded in the arts world,” he said.

“Helen Wright, who has exhibited her work for the print prize in the past.

“And Raymond Arnold, director of Larq in Queenstown, is a world-class print maker. He has collections in Paris and London.”

The winning work will form part of the permanent collection at Burnie Regional Gallery.

Mr Dobson encouraged artists to get their entries in soon.

The winner will be announced on March 13, 2015, at the opening of the exhibition, which will run as part of the Ten Days on the Island 2015 Festival.

Entries close on Friday, October 3, 2014

Burnie Print Prize 2015 Exhibition opening: Friday, March 13, 2015

Exhibition dates: March 14 to May 10, 2015

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Session to boost road safety for children

The Road Safety for Children playgroup held by Mersey Leven Child Care Services.MORE than 50 children, parents and educators took part in a special Road Safety for Children playgroup held by Mersey Leven Child Care Services.
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The event was considered highly successful as those in attendance participated in a book reading presented by Kathy Stocks, the community engagement and education manager for RACT.

The Elmo Stays Safe book aims to prevent road and driveway deaths and injuries by teaching children, parents and motorists safe behaviour.

The road safety program has been developed specifically for the needs of young Australian road users and this was the first time it had been presented in Tasmania.

MLCCS was also fortunate to receive a grant from the Devonport City Council as part of its Community Small Grants project.

This enabled the service to purchase road safety signs, some new bikes, trikes and safety equipment, to continue to instil positive messages about road safety for children for many years to come.

MLCCS has also incorporated road safety play activities using real traffic and road safety signs.

The tracks simulate real life road conditions for children, encouraging them to learn and abide by road rules through play.

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Make life easier by registering your dog

THE Central Coast Council is urging residents to register their dogs.
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The council’s director of community and corporate services Cor Vander Vlist said it was incredibly important for residents to register their dogs.

Mr Vander Vlist estimated there were about 200 unregistered dogs in the region.

Mr Vander Vlist said residents could avoid a large fine and trauma to their dog by registering it.

The council currently fines residents for owning an unregistered dog, in addition to the cost for impounding the animal if it is collected by animal services.

“If the dog was registered and carrying a current registration tag then more often than not the council can contact the owner and make arrangements for the owner to collect the animal directly,” Mr Vander Vlist said.

“Not only do you save yourself the cost of $320 but the animal does not have to undergo the trauma of being impounded.”

All dogs were required to be registered by August 1, but the council will not impose a late fee on residents who register their dog before September 1.

“It’s a $30 fee that avoids a lot of unnecessary stress and cost for the resident, the dog and animal services,” Mr Vander Vlist said.

Mr Vander Vlist said animal services will conduct an extensive door-knocking campaign throughout the region in September.

“We’re going to employ someone to go house to house and ask the owner if they have a dog and check their registration,” he said.

“If they own an unregistered dog, a $140 fine and a $40 fee to register the dog could be handed out on the spot.”

To register your dog, simply visit the council’s administrative offices in Penguin or Ulverstone. For more information contact the council: 6429 8900.

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Dog exercise area planned for Burnie

A FENCED exercise area for dogs will be opened in Burnie, allowing pet-owners to let their dogs off the leash to play.
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The 100 square metre barrier will be built in the View Road reserve, with a double-gated entry point.

Equipment to keep the dogs entertained will also be provided by the council.

The issue of a lack of secure space to exercise dogs was brought to the attention of Burnie City Council through social media.

“The community really pushed to make this project happen. There is a need for a safe, secure area for people to exercise their dogs,” Burnie City Council mayor Steven Kons said.

“This is a great new community use for the View Road reserve.”

View Road reserve is also the location of the annual muddy Burnie Challenge.

“The placement of the dog exercise area was consulted with the even organisers, so that it doesn’t impact on the event,” Mr Kons said.

Construction dates will be released by the council shortly, once confirmed.

This is just one of a few projects budgeted in Burnie City Council’s 2014/15 capital works program.

Visit the council’s website,, to view the full budget document.

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Cheesy school program

Bethany Campbell, Kate Lynd and Eszter Eiler, all 15, of Devonport High School, making their own camembert.
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TWENTY-FIVE young students got the chance to make camembert cheese last week at Devonport High School as part of Dairy Australia’s Camembert in the Classroom project.

The program has been designed to encourage secondary school teachers and students to learn about the Australian dairy industry while also introducing students to dairy manufacturing careers and pathways.

The teachers are first trained to make camembert cheese by program presenter and deputy chief judge of the Australian Grand Dairy Awards, Russell Smith.

They then bring this knowledge back and into the classroom.

Camembert in the Classroom program manager Dr Mani Iyer said he believes the Dairy Australia program is a hands-on platform to introduce both teachers and secondary students to the Australian dairy industry, dairy processes and products.

“Since its launch in 2011, the Camembert in the Classroom program has grown significantly in its popularity,” he said.

“In 2013, over 80 schools from Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, Tasmania, Queensland and Western Australia participated in the program, with 96 per cent of the schools incorporating the program into their school curriculum.”

Over one term, the Devonport High students will make their own camembert cheese in the classroom and complete various assessment tasks, including a multimedia advertisement about why dairy is an important part of our diet.

When the students complete the program, Mr Smith, along with other accredited judges, will judge and award the region’s winning cheese at a Big Day Out awards presentation on Friday, September 19 at the Devonport RSL.

A $500 prize will be awarded for the best cheese to the winning school and $250 is awarded for the winning multimedia advertisement.

Students from nine other schools across the state will also be competing for a prize.

They include Lilydale District High School, Cressy District High School, Tasmanian eSchool – Northern Campus, Sacred Heart College, Burnie High School, St Patrick’s College, Marist Regional College and Exeter High School.

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Celebrating 50 years

Central Coast Australian Breastfeeding Association members Claire Lawrence, Leonie Byard and Polly Byard, 10 weeks, present Central Coast mayor Jan Bonde with a commemorative rose to celebrate its 50th anniversary.THE Central Coast group of the Australian Breastfeeding Association decided to do something special for the community to celebrate its 50th anniversary.
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The association presented the Central Coast Council with a yellow rose to mark the occasion.

The rose, named little ray of sunshine, was planted at the rose garden outside the library on King Edward Street, Ulverstone.

West Australian ABA member Miriam Hurworth named the rose.

“My son is my little ray of sunshine and ABA provides a little ray of sunshine to mothers who might otherwise be struggling in the dark without ABA’s vital guidance and support,” Ms Hurworth said.

Central Coast group co-leader Claire Lawrence said it was important to do something nice for the community to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

“It’s a yellow tea rose, which is suitable for the association’s golden anniversary,” she said.

“The rose was specifically developed by the association as a way to sell and raise funds and we thought it would be a nice thing to buy one and give it to the community.”

Mrs Lawrence said the 50th anniversary rose and a commemorative plaque were placed alongside a rose presented to the council to celebrate its 35th anniversary.

She said the association played a crucial role in the community.

“The Tas Central Coast Group continues the ABA tradition of supporting mothers and providing up-to-date breastfeeding information locally,” she said.

“The local group volunteers also contribute to many other ABA services including local counselling, community education such as the provision of breastfeeding antenatal classes at local hospitals, and taking calls on the national Breastfeeding Helpline.”

The next meeting of the Central Coast group of the ABA is on Friday from 10am-noon. For more information call Marion on 6425 5780.

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Sydney down on troops for opener

Despite signing a host of high-profile forwards, Sydney FC’s attack will be down to bare bones for their inaugural FFA Cup match on Tuesday night as coach Graham Arnold refuses to take any fitness gambles before the start of the A-League season.
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The Sky Blues will likely be without four of their potential starting strikers when they face Melbourne City in Ballarat. Marquee Marc Janko has been ruled out due to fitness concerns alongside fellow signings Alex Brosque and Shane Smeltz, while Bernie Ibini is unlikely to feature just 48 hours after playing for the A-League All Stars.

Serbian midfielder Milos Dimitrijevic is another in doubt for the clash after tweaking his quad muscle during training. The absences give youngsters Corey Gameiro and Chris Naumoff the responsibility of hitting the target against the newly rebranded A-League club.

Despite entering the knock-out competition with a first round clash against a top-tier opponent, Arnold is unwilling to risk players who are not at full fitness and is prepared to test the depth of his squad in a cut-throat situation.

“Because of the timing, I won’t be taking any risks at all with players so we’ve got a number of players that are out for tomorrow’s game,” Arnold said. “The list is quite high. In the front line, Janko, Brosque, Smeltz. I’ve got to see how Bernie Ibini pulled up after last night, I thought he was only going to play 45 [minutes] but he ended up playing 70. It’s a question of whether I take a risk of playing a player 48 hours after the game last night when he’s not 100 per cent fit physically, so those guys are out.”

With no video analysis of Melbourne City available, Sydney are preparing for the unknown in their FFA Cup debut as City spent the bulk of their pre-season away from Australia. David Villa is yet to arrive but City have included marquee signing Robert Koren in their squad alongside former Republic of Ireland international Damien Duff, who has been marked as their danger man by Arnold. Sydney’s inability to study their opponent has forced Arnold to approach the match as another pre-season game with an emphasis on the start of the A-League season in early October.

“To be honest we’ve got no footage of Melbourne City this year because of a couple of games they played were in the UK. Obviously they recruited a lot of players and OK, David Villa is not here yet but I believe Damien Duff is. [Melbourne City coach] John [Van’t Schip] has recruited a lot of youngsters and he has said in the media that he wants to recruit more players,” Arnold said. “We’ll go down there like all pre-season games. It really has nothing to do with the opposition, it’s all to do with us. We’ve made a lot of changes on and off the field and it’s going to take time for us to gel.”

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